Alpha Olive

Each knife in the Alpha Olive Series begins as a single piece of specially alloyed Chrome-Vanadium-Moly cutlery steel, beginning with hand forging and continuing through more than forty separate steps in the production process before completion. The grip scales are crafted from very hard 100-200 year old olive wood which resists moisture and exhibits a beautiful grain giving each knife a special elegance all its own. Ice hardened stainless steel; hand sharpened – not for the dishwasher!

Bird's beak 6cm
Paring knife 9cm
Chef's paring knife 8cm
Chef's paring knife 10cm
Chef's paring knife 13cm
Tomato knife 13cm
Cleaver 18cm
Steak knife 12cm
Porterhouse Steak knife 12cm
Table knife 12cm
Table spoon 9cm
Fork 9cm
Boning knife 13cm
Boning knife 16cm
Bread knife 21cm
Bread knife 32cm
Slicing knife 16cm
Fillet knife 18cm
Carving Knife 21cm
Long Slicer 26cm
Cheese knife 15cm
Hard cheese knife 10cm
Chef's knife 16cm
Chef's knife 21cm
Chef's knife 26cm
Herb knife Shark 14cm
Chinese chef's knife 16cm
Chinese chef´s 18cm
Santoku 14cm
Santoku 18cm
Santoku 14cm
Santoku 18cm
Meat fork 18cm
Sharpening steel 26cm
Sharpening steel "D'Artagnan" 32cm
Pocket knife 7cm
Pocket knife 7cm

Bird's beak

6cm blade lenght / X703/06

Paring knife

9cm blade lenght / X701/09

Chef's paring knife

8cm blade lenght / X764/08

Chef's paring knife

10cm blade lenght / X764/10

Chef's paring knife

13cm blade lenght / X764/13

Tomato knife

13cm blade lenght / X464/13


18cm blade lenght / X740/18

Steak knife

12cm blade lenght / X313/12

Porterhouse Steak knife

12cm blade lenght / X380/12

Table knife

12cm blade lenght / X314/12

Table spoon

9cm blade lenght / X012/09


9cm blade lenght / X013/09

Boning knife

13cm blade lenght / X703/13 (flexible)

Boning knife

16cm blade lenght / X703/16

Bread knife

21cm blade lenght / X430/21

Bread knife

32cm blade lenght / 7431/32

Slicing knife

16cm blade lenght / X765/16

Fillet knife

18cm blade lenght / X765/18 (flexible)

Carving Knife

21cm blade lenght / X765/21

Long Slicer

26cm blade lenght / X765/26

Cheese knife

15cm blade lenght / X290/15

Hard cheese knife

10cm blade lenght / X805/10

Chef's knife

16cm blade lenght / X805/16

Chef's knife

21cm blade lenght / X805/21

Chef's knife

26cm blade lenght / X805/26

Herb knife Shark

14cm blade lenght / X749/14

Chinese chef's knife

16cm blade lenght / X742/16

Chinese chef´s

18cm blade lenght / X840/18


14cm blade lenght / X546/14


18cm blade lenght / X546/18


14cm blade lenght / X746/14


18cm blade lenght / X746/18

Meat fork

18cm blade lenght / X096/18

Sharpening steel

26cm blade lenght / X055/26

Sharpening steel "D'Artagnan"

32cm blade lenght / 7006/32

Pocket knife

7cm blade length / X725/07 with Pitchfork

Pocket knife

7cm blade length / X715/07